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like a boss

April 14th, 2012funny110 Comments ┬╗

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  1. Willzay says:

    I do this wearing socks occasionally, but half the time I end up on my ass falling down the stairs.

  2. DortFauntleroy says:

    I stared at the bottom one to figure out what the hell they were doing. Now I’m late for work.

  3. rxne12 says:

    Let’s be clear… we all know the kid with the skateboard is the biggest boss of all

  4. Zach says:

    The guy on the ball gif is reversed.
    He jumps on the ball and flips off.

  5. west says:

    What kid with a skateboard .I dont see that one.

  6. Your Mom Made Me Cookies says:

    The rock climbing guy. HOLY CRAP, the rock climbing guy.

  7. supercoolvideos says:

    the guy smoothing down the stairs vaguely reminds me on messi..
    and the climber kicks ass..

  8. Hugh Askew II says:

    Skateboard? There is a skateboard?
    Methinks someone needs to put down the crack pipe.

  9. Cheyner says:

    Skateboards: great for helping to feed trolls.

  10. bleezeo says:

    He’s probably talking about the stair kid. The shoes have wheels on the bottom, heelys they are. The bottom one with the tray was the best for me

  11. Hayley says:

    I think that people think the last one has a skateboard… IT’S A TRAY PEOPLE!!!! Anyway, these are pretty kick-ass!

  12. Bob Slefty says:

    that skateboard kid is insane! mad skillz!

  13. takemetoyourleader says:

    it looks like a food tray.

  14. tomeow says:

    no skateboards, damn troller o.O climber is fucking Boss and the guy flipping over a tube rail??!
    waiter at the end is fucking lol material and hes not wearing heeleys dumbass, jst smooth shoes, bit of speed and some balance…..
    p.s. dont forget to commit or die

  15. BuzzKill says:

    Something about the ball guy doesn’t look kosher. If you watch the very end of the video, it looks like he stands up on the ball but the ball does not compress. Hmmmmmmmm – should I say it? Nah. Too easy.

    Okay, screwit. PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!

    Skateboards rule.

  16. anonymous says:

    Another thing about the ball, It really doesn’t seem like the force of it’s movement would actually carry him backwards from a jump, even if that jump was possible, he would stop the ball right there

  17. Pretty awesome! Liked the last one and the third one…Great post!

  18. Mariey says:

    Cool story sis

  19. Idiots says:

    1. Toaster dude
    2. Fire dude
    3.paper dudes
    4.subway guy
    5.ball man
    6.wheelbarrow gays
    7.chair dude
    8.sweater dude
    9.stairs professional soccer player
    10.escalator dude
    11.rock climber maniac
    12.train guy
    13.Food tray (I reiterate food tray) guys

    Note: NO SKATEBOARD, check your resolution and make sure it compensates for your idiocy.

  20. Deppie says:

    Man, I wish I could do that with a skateboard! Awesome!

  21. jack says:

    Yes the ball trick is reversed, but even then, it is still incredibly awesome.

  22. Harlowe Thrombey says:

    Although I love the clips you chose…..
    …this page is proof that .gifs DO HOG memory, cuz these .gifs are moving very SLOWLY.

  23. "BigPoppa" says:

    You are anything
    and everything perfect.
    You are stars moon and sunshine
    and the sometimes my days feel cloudy
    all i need is you around me
    to profoundly pick me up again
    your heart is like warm sand
    your eyes are an ocean
    your breath is a sea breeze
    that seizes me,
    and all my attention
    to where all i want to do is listen
    and with your permission
    i’d like you and i to christen
    the dance floor and declare it ours
    I swear
    I’ll make the night as special as it can be
    Will you go to prom with me?

  24. Vedette says:

    I wish I could do this with a skateboard too.

  25. anybody says:

    its amazing how dumb people are

  26. MOMO FO SHO says:

    HOLY SHIT THE WHEEL BARROW GUYS ! come on being in front of all those people messing up into a monkey roll and back in wheel barrow formation… they didnt even loose a second

  27. Japes Macfarland says:

    What that guy did, with the skateboard, gives me hope for humanity at a very deep level. I am just so thankful.

  28. steve says:

    takes alot of practice to do this exactly the same way over and over again with out missing a beat.Seems they could do it for eternity

  29. Diin says:


  30. Dianmarie says:

    Uhh was that Buster Keaton on the next to last gif?

  31. Victor says:

    That last guy is boss
    the guy with the skateboard is the guy that flips the chair

    • Abacus says:

      The chairflip guy does look a little like the skateboard guy but they’re not the same person; it’s actually the stairslide guy you can see in the skateboard clip. It’s pretty obvious if you look closely enough.

  32. Carl says:

    Wow! to be young again and assured your broken bones will heal just fine. Rock on Youth

  33. Introllnet Exproblemer says:

    The skateboard one is hilarious.

  34. OGRastamon says:

    Full video of skateboard guy.

    Not reversed.

  35. shayedon says:


  36. Concerned.. says:

    stumbled upon this mess of internet who-knows-what. cool videos but i don’t know what made me continue scrolling through the dramatic diatribes that followed

  37. Mikko says:

    Yes, some people have excellent time and depth perception. Wonderful to see.

  38. jay says:

    the skateboard one :O

  39. patrick says:

    my gaad! The skatebord kid is AWSOME! o_0

  40. YahooSerious says:

    the one with the guy flipping on the ball is in reverse

  41. winner says:

    man i wish i could do that with a skateboard

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  43. Batz says:

    The rock climbing dude on the skateboard is pretty sick. Especially when he flips off the ball on the escalator in reverse.

  44. geedavey says:

    If you can’t see the skateboard dude or think it’s reversed, check out the clip on Youtube: